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Spoken Love Story

        Spoken Love Story captures all the key moments of your important day. Not only does, it contain elements of the Gentle Romantic style, but it is enriched with a charming storyline. Devotees and loved ones, friends will speak during your wedding day. From the heart, they say many beautiful sentences that can result in tears of joy, laughter or only lead to a beautiful sincere look. Our task is to choose the most beautiful words and create a unique story that will remind you all your life, how much your loved ones and friends love you. Spoken Love Story is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to imprint their wedding vows, speeches of witnesses, parents, and friends into the Wedding video.


The length of the video is between 9 and 12 minutes.

Almiral de la Font, Barcelona - Spain

Palm Springs - USA

Llafranc, Girona - Spain

Sant Vicenç, Barcelona - Spain

California - USA

Spoken Love Story without wedding VOWS:

What might Spoken Love Story looks like if you don't say wedding vows orally? How about that?! During your wedding, we always catch emotions, laughter, and beautiful words not only from you but also from your loved ones.

California - USA

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