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     We move and film a unique Love Story all over Europe. Mainly Spain and the islands, France, Italy, and Switzerland. In the winter months, we travel and film anywhere, especially in the Caribbean, USA, Central America, and Bali. We will be honored to be a part of your special days anywhere in the world. If the destination fits into our schedule, we do not charge an additional travel fee.

     * The 2024 season will be amazing: we will meet you in Spain and the islands, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Italy, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and the USA (California and Miami). We can not wait!

xx Lucie & Matthew

What will I receive in my wedding package?

   Each wedding package includes a Trailer, Reels, and a wedding clip of your choice. You will receive the Trailer and Reels within three weeks, and the wedding video according to the package.

       You can order other services from our À LA CARTE. For example, super fast delivery of a wedding video within 14 days of the wedding day, or Documentary edit video up to 60 minutes, and other services.


How much does your wedding video cost?

         We always try to meet the needs of the newlyweds. Each couple is unique, as is the wedding video. Many factors always matter. The location of the shooting, the number of cameramen, the number of technical equipment, and the length of the final video. Money is not our priority. We feel like artists always putting our hearts into our videos. Our full-day wedding packages start from 4.000 euros. The price depends on the location, type of package, and other wishes.


What do you offer?

         You will receive a unique video of your Wedding day from us. Of course, we don't have to stay just on the wedding day. For example, before the wedding day, we can create a unique Story about yourself. The story that shows your unique personality. The video will thus become an original invitation to Your Great Day.
        The length of our stories is between 2 and 15 minutes depending on the choice of wedding video type. We offer more kinds of wedding packages, the wedding video as a temperament clip with a length of around 5 minutes, or also wedding packages that include vows and speeches, the length of the video is around 10-12 minutes. We also have a special 3-day package that includes a pre-wedding, pre-wedding family and friends meeting, full wedding day, and final lunch or party. The length of the video for this package is up to 15 minutes.
For the upcoming seasons, by prior arrangement, we also offer the option of a Documentary edit video, which includes the full wedding ceremony, and speeches with a length of around 30 - 60 minutes.  We always try to meet the needs of the couple.
         Our wedding videos have different color designs, different cuts, unique philosophies of the whole story, and many other small details. We think, that the details play an important role in the whole process. We offer a professional approach of two life partners, Lucie and Matej, who will be happy to become foreign friends on Your Great Day.

How do we meet?

        We usually meet on Skype or WhatsApp. Don't be afraid to contact us, usually, it’s lots of fun to talk to each other. We speak only English and Czech, we are still learning Spanish. However, don't be afraid that our language barrier will disrupt our communication or the final video. We are professionals who surround ourselves with the right team of people. You will feel very comfortable with our nice Spanish helper. We know you will always love Your video.


How do I book a date?

    First of all please fill in the form below to learn more about your Great day or you can write us directly at Then we will arrange a meeting date on Skype or WhatsApp. We will discuss all the details and come up with a video that would be right for you. If we are all excited, all you have to do is book a date by paying a deposit of 500 euros. 

How do you work on the wedding day?

         We love the atmosphere of the wedding day. As part of all our wedding packages, we stay with you for the entire wedding day. We arrive at the place usually an hour before the bride and groom's preparations start so that we can notice the beauty of the place and nature without people. Then we will spend the whole Great day with you and we depart usually during the free entertainment at the final wedding party. We are with you from the beginning to almost the end and we will fully adapt to your wedding timetable.
          We capture all the moments so as not to disturb your unique day and especially the intimacy of the ceremony. Our main goal is to capture memories and tell a Story about Love but with real heroes and emotions. Love Story that touches all your friends. Every time you watch the wedding video again, you will be reminded of how you felt on that day. We care very much about it so that we do not disturb the atmosphere of the wedding day and we become rather invisible.


Can we have a couple shooting before the wedding itself?

        Sure! We can come a day or two before and we can have some extra time together. We don't have to record just on the wedding day. Before the wedding day, we can create a unique Story about yourself. A Story that shows your unique personalities! We can travel together to another destination or place and take breathtaking shots of your romantic journey. The video can thus become an original invitation to Your Big Day. However, there are many other individual ways to work with the recorded material, for example, the material can be used as part of a wedding video, which is also a popular combination. All you have to do is write us and together we will come up with the most beautiful video according to your personal wishes.


Are you able to come to our wedding even if it’s located in a different country, anywhere in the world?

        To be honest, we love traveling! Every place radiates different energy and excitement. We are open to film your wedding almost anywhere. Write us and we will arrange about it, for example, we can connect the place of your wedding with one of our travel destinations, and if so, transport costs can be deducted. Don't be afraid to ask. We are always very excited to discover new destinations. We like to combine pleasant with useful.

Our unique packages

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