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        We are a couple in love, Lucie and Matej. We have been creating our unique Love story together for more than 10 years. We are a couple united by a love of traveling and discovering new cultures. We traveled a piece of the world together, but we are still at the beginning of our long way. We both grew up not far from each other, near the Brdy Mountains in the Czech Republic. We feel connected and look forward to every new day we can spend together.


        Years ago, we realized that happiness lies in the little things of everyday life. That's why we're a couple who almost never stops. We do almost everything together. We love daily long walks, playing chess on the beach, exercising in nature, trips around, sitting on the balcony with a glass of good wine, or just chilling with friends.


         It is said that two are better than one. It is great that we are not only life partners but also business partners. We are very lucky that we are united not only by our love but also by our artistic feeling. We love our work very much and look forward to every new artwork we create together.


,,We don't think, We ever chose to become wedding videographers"

         Eight years ago, we have started making videos from our travels, where we were the main actors. The videos were a success, and later our friends started asking us if we could make a wedding video for them. Then, they have started recommending us to their friends, and over time the hobby became our job. It was probably fate that brought us up here. We are glad that we have been able to film Love stories in romantic Paris, Barcelona, some places in California or Slovakia but also in our little beautiful country.


         So, how did we end up in Barcelona?! We love the warmth and sunshine, but the most important, we definitely love this city, cultural gems, and the local vibe! The city that never sleeps, haha ​​and among other things offers incredible inspiration in many ways. That's why we have decided to stay for every summer season in amazing Barcelona, Spain. At the same time, you will find quiet towns in the nearby area for relaxing for the weekend. There are many reasons why Barcelona. And we are proud to be building our wedding project The Stories of Love mostly here from 2019.


         In addition to the fact that during the summer season, we sometimes fly to the beautiful north or central Europe, we operate mostly in Spain and the surrounding islands from May to October. During the winter, we love the combination of the tropics and the snow-covered city, so we can feed our cetacean souls more. However, if you are planning a wedding anywhere in the world and you are interested in our work, write to us :)! Perhaps our ways will cross and we will get to know the piece of paradise you have chosen for your Big day!

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