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Relaxed Videoclip

         Do you like romance, but you haven't found yourself in previous styles? Do you like Gentle Romantic Videoclip, but don't want to have a wedding video just about love? Do you like beautiful slow-motion shots of sincere looks, laughter, and tears of joy, but at the same time, you want to recall the commonplace moments of your Big day? Then, you might be very interested in the Relaxed Videoclip. We love the atmosphere and emotions of the Wedding day. And each of our videos is full of these emotions, but the difference between Gentle Romantic Videoclip and Relaxed Videoclip is in the small and delicate details. In details that pleasantly relax the whole video and give it a more natural and fun atmosphere. The video is interspersed with tiny sound effects of the environment, which add authenticity to the video. Relaxed Videoclip captures your wedding day not only in the best light but exactly as you remember it.


The length of the video is between 4 and 6 minutes.


Tamarit, Tarragona - Spain

Hotel Isole di Brissago, Brissago - Switzerland

Tamarit, Tarragona - Spain

Mas Santo Villa, Sitges - Spain

Cinematic videos

Tamarit, Tarragona - Spain

Bohemia - Czech republic

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