16.1. - 20.5.  Tulum, Mexico 
1.6. - 1.11. Barcelona, Spain


        Welcome to our beautiful world, which we call "the Stories of Love". We are a couple in love, Lucie and Matej. We have been creating our unique Love story together for more than 10 years. There is nothing more sensitive than love, nothing more breathtaking, nothing more alive. Love from friends, children, family, and your other half. Love is our driving force. Now we are so happy to share your love with our artwork. We love our work and we put into the video not only our artistic feelings but mainly our hearts. We consider ourselves the happiest in the world because we do something that we love. Together with you, we will create a unique Love story.


        Each couple is unique and a different style of video suits each. Below you can find the different styles of video. If none of the styles expresses your personality, don't despair. Together with you, we will create a completely new and unique look of the wedding video. We love the challenges and enthusiasm of something new and original. Thanks to you, we can fulfill our creativity and potential.

We are professionals in the field who create the most beautiful Love story for you.



Gentle Romantic Videoclip 2.png


    Gentle Romantic Videoclip best captures emotions, love, and tenderness. Every love begins with a heartbeat, and as the heartbeats with excitement, time slows down. Every second lasts forever. At that moment, we feel a huge euphoria and, above all, true love. Gentle Romantic Videoclip accurately captures these moments. The whole video captures the mentioned slow motion. Together, you can fully enjoy every second of the most beautiful and sincere emotions, looks of love, smiles, and tears of joy. Gentle Romantic Videoclip is the perfect choice for romantic souls.


The length of the video is between 4 and 6 minutes.

Spoken Love Story V2.png

    Spoken Love Story captures all the key moments of your important day. Not only does, it contain elements of the Gentle Romantic style, but it is enriched with a charming storyline. Devotees and loved ones, friends will speak during your wedding day. From the heart, they say many beautiful sentences that can result in tears of joy, laughter or only lead to a beautiful sincere look. Our task is to choose the most beautiful words and create a unique story that will remind you all your life, how much your loved ones and friends love you. Spoken Love Story is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to imprint their wedding vows, speeches of witnesses, parents, and friends into the Wedding video.


The length of the video is between 8 and 11 minutes.

Relax Videoclip V2.png

     Do you like romance, but you haven't found yourself in previous styles? Do you like Gentle Romantic Videoclip, but don't want to have a wedding video just about love? Do you like beautiful slow-motion shots of sincere looks, laughter, and tears of joy, but at the same time, you want to recall the commonplace moments of your Big day? Then, you might be very interested in the Relaxed Videoclip. We love the atmosphere and emotions of the Wedding day. And each of our videos is full of these emotions, but the difference between Gentle Romantic Videoclip and Relaxed Videoclip is in the small and delicate details. In details that pleasantly relax the whole video and give it a more natural and fun atmosphere. The video is interspersed with tiny sound effects of the environment, which add authenticity to the video. Relaxed Videoclip captures your wedding day not only in the best light but exactly as you remember it.


The length of the video is between 4 and 6 minutes.

Love in Paris V2.png

    Wedding in Paris, the city of love. Filming a wedding in Paris was one of our working dreams and we are very grateful that we were able to fulfill it, thanks to this beautiful couple! Elegant Paris is one of our favorite places in Europe and after the wedding, we were happy to stay for a few more days to soak up the true authenticity of this place. This is exactly what we sincerely love to travel! Every place radiates different energy and excitement. We are open to film your wedding almost anywhere. Write us and we can arrange, for example, we can connect the place of your wedding with one of our travel destinations.

Lord of Rings Story  gold 2.png

   Believe it or not, in August 2020 we found ourselves at an Elven Wedding! We remember the pure energy and originality of this beautiful couple. The newlyweds have chosen the Wedding day to reflect on themselves, what they are and how they feel. We admire every uniqueness of the couple and we love it when, together with the newlyweds, we can create something unconventional, out of the stream. It awakens in us the soul of the artist, then the creation and the wedding day is a different and special challenge for us. That's why you don't always have to look for a column to fit into as a couple! You are unique and your day will be unique, then the wedding video is a mirror of this Big day.

Save The Date new.png

   Create an original invitation for your Wedding day. Together we can create an invitation capturing your love, but above all the passion and originality of each of you. We are always very excited to spend time with a couple in love and are proud that you have chosen us. There is nothing more in life than love. Creating videos about love is a huge passion for us. We love it and put our hearts into every video. We will create artwork for you that will excite not only you but also your beloved guests.


The length of the video is between 2 and 3 minutes.