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Wedding Videographer in Europe & Worldwide

        Welcome to our beautiful world, which we call "the Stories of Love". We are a couple in love, Lucie and Matthew. There is nothing more sensitive than love, nothing more breathtaking, nothing more alive. Love from friends, children, family, and your other half. Love is our driving force. Now we are so happy to share your love with our artwork. We love our work and we put into the video not only our artistic feelings but mainly our hearts. We consider ourselves the happiest in the world because we do something that we love. Together with you, we will create a unique Love story.

          Being international wedding videographers and through our extensive traveling, we have also grown to be incredibly familiar with the best places to shoot in a wide specter of destinations, both iconic and under the radar. What do we consider ourselves? A storyteller, we like to say, unfold your love story, one that is far from awkward poses and fake smiles. Rather, it is one filled with the intensity of the emotions and the unsurpassed momentum of one of the most special days of your life.

          Obsessively observant as destination wedding videographers, we know in depth how to capture the combination of grand gestures, spontaneous moments, and those little details that make the true difference. After the cake is cut, the fireworks fade and the glitter lands, what is great to know is that a compelling video story, of your personal journey and celebration, was created, just for you, a treasure to hold for a lifetime.

Video length  4 - 6 minutes

   Relaxed Videoclip is an incredible mix of romantic elements and at the same time an authentic memory of your love, vibe, and emotions on the big day. It is a relaxed highlight, which shows moments of emotion, stately tears, and love as well as laughter, jokes, and romantic fooling around. The video is a novel combination of slow-motion romantic style and at the same time shots in natural real movement and time. The video is interspersed with tiny sound effects of the environment, which add authenticity to the video. The energy of your love, fun atmosphere, and vibe will be transferred with feeling in your wedding video. If you are a romantic with a sense of authenticity, you may find your dream wedding video in Relaxed Videoclip.

Video length  6 - 8 minutes

Lively Love Story is our iconic, timeless, wild yet elegant package. A fresh combination of rhythms, energy together with parts of your vows, ceremony, and speeches will take you back to your wedding days. Are you planning a welcome brunch/party or a cultural introduction? Will the day after the wedding be chilling by the pool, with a DJ or relaxing collective activities that you love? In this package, the videographer will spend 2-3 days with you and film the program outside of the wedding day. A wedding video expresses you and the vibe of your wedding. A memory may arise of an elegant wedding on the French Riviera, a wild wedding in Ibiza, or a charming one on the Italian coast. If you wish for a wedding video that perfectly captures the rhythms of the wedding days, laughter, emotions, and an unreal vibe, Lively Love Story 2-3 days could be the perfect choice for you.

Video length  9 - 12 minutes

   Spoken Love Story captures all the key moments of your important day and much more. The video has a charming storyline presented by the couple themselves. About a fateful meeting, the deepening of a relationship, and vows for marriage at the altar. There is a lot of space for wonderful congratulations from the hearts of beloved guests, as well as funny stories from life. It's our longest wedding package that includes many of the love vows, the ceremony, and parts of speeches from your loved ones. Your family, friends, and other loved ones traveled from far and wide to be a part of your special day. If you want to have as many moments and people as possible in your wedding video, a Spoken Love Story can be the right choice. The length of the video is between 9 and 12 minutes (Spoken Love Story 1 day), or between 15 and 20 minutes (Spoken Love Story 3 days).

Charming Love Story

Video length  3 - 4 minutes

      Charming Love Story is a unique package for artistic souls or unconventional iconic weddings. If your soul yearns for something different, to record a wedding in a slightly different way, this video style may enchant you. Charming Love Story shows your unique love language, chemistry, and personality. Whether you say yes to a tropical paradise or an artistic city, trust us to film the perfect vibe of your special place. Each time you play the wedding video, you are transported back to the place of your wedding ceremony, to the fond memories of the union of two souls into one. Charming Love Story is a wedding clip that can be created covering 1 to 3 wedding days.

Video length  5 - 7 minutes

   Classic Love Story is a special lighter and shorter version of the iconic Spoken Love Story. It contains a charming storyline, accompanied by the couple himself with their emotional vows. Also the best of the ceremony and parts from speeches spoken from the heart of your loved ones. A wedding video is a classic and very pleasant memory with a timeless spirit that will charm all generations. This is our product, have created at the request of our lovely couples. Classic Love Story is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a beautiful memory and at the same time wants to keep the wedding video up to 7 minutes long. 

Video length  2 - 3 minutes

   Are you waiting for the first big step?! Are you planning a special proposal and know that your partner would love to have this moment recorded? We can be a hidden videographer for such a moment anywhere. We create special spontaneous Proposal videos, as well as planned Engagement videos or pre-wedding couple sessions. If you wish to have an authentic memory of your romantic love while traveling, during your engagement, or shortly before your wedding day, this section will definitely interest you.

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